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Affliction Brand Page Banner - 920x190
What started as a few friends creating some cool tees as a weekend project, has quickly turned into a ten year whirlwind journey with one goal to make the most unique clothing in the world. The name Affliction, which means “pain and suffering due to adversity” was hand picked as a play on words from their previous experience in the fashion industry which is notoriously difficult and cut throat. The self-proclaimed shy and anti-social partners, coming from backgrounds in graphic design and screen printing, quickly realized that they had started a trend that would not soon end. It all started with an idea to make a small line of tees that were truly unique and were premium in fit, fabric, wash, and art.

They set out to make the best possible product not following any normal rules of printing and covered the entire shirt in their extremely detailed art. Their creative visions invoke emotion and display themes battling between good and evil. Due to the highly graphic nature of their product they are not liked by all, but they hardly seem to care. They are consistent in their approach and don’t seem to mind if others head in a different direction. Driven by passion and a creative spirit the brand that is best known for premium tees has now claimed its spot among the best with their unique take on all categories including: denim, knits, wovens, swimwear and outerwear.
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