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DGK - for those who come from nothing

DGK founder and street-style skateboarding legend Stevie Williams has not lived the life of your typical skater. Growing up skating at LOVE Park in Philadelphia in the mid-'90s, Williams and his crew stood out from the crowd, as very few black kids from their neighborhood were skating at the time. Feeling marginalized both by the world at large and by their fellow skaters led them directly to their chosen nickname: "dirty ghetto kids" (DGK), not knowing that one day it would turn into a global line available everywhere from the most core skate shops to the most elite streetwear boutiques. When it came time for Williams to launch his own clothing brand, he knew exactly what to call it. Since its establishment, DGK has become an trusted brand by skaters and streetwear heads worldwide for premium apparel and accessories.

The DGK brand represents turning a negative into a positive, and making something out of nothing against all odds. DGK's graphics and apparel make bold statements that differentiates the brand from everything else out there, which is why it's developed a cult following both in and out of skateboarding. We at Duke & Duchess Apparel knew that this is one brand we needed in our store and we were right, considering DGK is one of the most popular men's brands that we carry.

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