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My name is Cassie, and my fiancé/business partner’s name is James. We returned to Kelowna after living in Edmonton, Alberta for three years. Naturally, we got accustomed to the Edmonton shopping scene. Any name brand or style of clothing we wanted, or anything that we came across online, we could easily find. And we could find it all at a decent price! Coming back to Kelowna to start our family, one of the first things we noticed was the lack of clothing stores that offered the brands and styles we wanted. There was a store or two, but the prices were high and the few items we could find seemed to come in mass quantities so it’s like everyone’s got them! There’s nothing worse than finding that outfit or piece of clothing that you had to have, and were so excited to put on…also on half a dozen other people in one single night out. Making trips down to Vancouver or online shopping was always hit or miss... something had to change. A year and a half later, Duke & Duchess Apparel was established.

Now, that was almost four years ago – and we’re still here. It’s so unfortunate, and just sad that we live in a world where staying in business for only four years is an accomplishment…but apparently it is, so f%#&ing go us! The reason is simple - Duke & Duchess Apparel is different. There really isn't anything like us around, even still, with our wide variety of styles and name brands, we are definitely a rare find. We’re honest. We don't jack up our prices to the point where no one can afford to shop here. We like to keep it at a price anyone can afford. You don't need to 'fake it 'til ya make it' with us; you've made it, and now you're rockin' it. Plus, your rockin’ it with confidence knowing that we don’t bring items in by the truckload. We carefully select each item and generally only bring that item in a single size run and never re-order it. This keeps our selection more exclusive and less likely to be seen on more than one person during your day or night out.

Another way Duke & Duchess Apparel is different is the styles and brands we offer. We do all the work searching for the hottest items in North America, and we get them here in Kelowna... and wherever you are, because you can get it all right here on our website as well.

Our goal is to keep up with all the latest trends and fashions and continue to bring you the hottest clothing out there. We grew up here, so we know that Kelowna is a "four season playground". We promise to always have what's right for the season and to keep our store full of fresh apparel.

As if that wasn’t enough about us “being different”, we also do different things than most clothing stores! We love setting up shop at places other than our brick & mortar store. Whether it’s a couple blocks down in City Park at Centre of Gravity Music & Sports Festival, or uptown at the Okanagan Tattoo Show, we’ve even packed half the store and hit the road to set up shop at the Alberta Tattoo Show in Calgary. Stay posted to find out where we’ll be next! Want to see us in your city’s next big festival? Let us know!

Come visit us at 1579 Pandosy Street (in between Bernard & Lawrence) in Downtown Kelowna, or click around here for a bit. You can also find us on your go-to Social Media site using the icon links at the top or bottom of the page. Please feel free to give us a call at 250-979-0335 or drop us an email at with any questions, suggestions, or concerns you may have.